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Google Adwords Qualified Professional

Google Adwords - "For Sale"

Google Adwords can be described as a pay-per-click engine for online advertising campaigns which basically means you can advertise your website on Google and just pay a set amount every time someone clicks on your Google paid for advertising. 

 A Google Adword or Advert is similar to print advertising however the “technical” area can be looked after by a PPC Manager or a Pay Per Click Manager.  These PPC Managers work with a lot of key information so websites gain the most return or clicks that convert into sales for their campaign.  PPC Managers can advise what are the best keywords to use and keep track and record the activity for every ad campaign.  

 One huge advantage for Google pay per click advertising is you can place more than one advert to test what works the best as Google reports can show what adverts are getting the most clicks.  This is something more traditional print advertising finds extremely challenging to show.

 Things to consider once again is your advertising budget and how much you would like to set aside so you get the most bang from your buck from the channel of marketing or advertising you choose to purchase.  With a clear advertising budget you can keep a track of what is giving you and your website the best results.


Pay per click Advertising

Step One – Grab Their Attention
Sow the seeds of curiosity with your Google Adwords campaign by writing a knock out first sentence i.e. your Headline. Any advertising guru worth their weight in gold, literally, will ensure your Headline captures your online searchers instantly and satisfies their hunger within seconds. 

 You should try and be as specific as you can to what your market or niche is looking for, always remembering King Google and other search engines will reward those sites that helps their searchers.  As long as you remember Google is working for trillions of searchers every day to make their life easy you will start to see results.

 Step Two – Resonate with your audience
Google Adwords let you write two short descriptions for your advert.  The descriptions are a way of sending a very clear message to your audience that will get a response.  What sort of response are you looking for?  Who are the people you are talking to? 

There are different types of emotions that sell well, vanity for example is a good emotion to sell a range of beauty products, pride is a great emotion if you think your market wants to be number one in their chosen profession and just think how emotional people feel about birthdays, weddings and other celebrations.  Attract buyers by resonating with what they want.

Step three – Place a billboard on the web

Using our PPC Manager who can draw together a range of talents from advertising to copywriting to Google know-how will get quicker results because you will be using people who have the “full package”.

 If you want to discuss Google Adwords and the key Return on Investment contact me at mike@bda.co.nz  or phone me on 09 524 2350 because we want to see you get the most return for your money well spent.