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Quite simply, they are on Facebook. If you’re not, your business is missing out on a huge opportunity. The necessity of having a Social Media presence today is as crucial as having a Yellow Pages ad and website 10 years ago. With over 2.1 million New Zealanders (51.3%) logging on every day, Facebook’s reach extends far beyond personal networking to business related relationship building. This social networking allows greater interaction with new and existing customer bases, easily surpassing all other traditional advertising mediums such as Radio, Television and Print.
Have you tried to use Facebook yourself, and had little or no results?
With over 10 years in online marketing experience, BDA Social can help you take a foothold in this exciting new online market place. With our  cutting-edge resources we’ll help you can stand out from your competitors, and enhance your customer relationships whilst providing
a real ROI. We do this by firstly acquiring new fans and converting them to new customers of your business.

It is our goal first and foremost to make Facebook a profitable option for you. Every business needs a unique approach when marketing through Facebook. The talented team at BDA Social specialise in engineering social marketing campaigns specific to your business requirements. Using Facebook’s demographic and geographic targeting processes as part of our strategy, we drive pre-qualified people to your Facebook page that will therefore
convert more successfully to actual customers. At BDA Social we not only provide increased fan numbers, we give measurable results for your business.
Facebook is now the leading source for new customers to research businesses and brands by seeing just what people are saying about them. If you have a poor or no Facebook presence then your business is being left behind. If you’re ready to capitalize on the ever-growing number of Facebook users in New Zealand and the world then call us today on 09 524 2350 and ask for Mike.