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LinkedIn - What is it all about?

LinkedIn is a place where the professionals gather so if you want to know why use LinkedIn, check out where a previous boss may be working, what professional groups you can join, or a particular market you want to understand more about. 

This is because you may want to link to your last boss to create an opportunity in the future for your next big career move, you may want to tune into the latest gossip or new product your fellow professionals are excited about and if you want to understand your market more, just listen to them via LinkedIn.

The business use of social networking is to gain connections and relationships.  The human need for sharing, connecting and understanding and learning about what drives our need for close relationships is highlighted by the sheer volume of people using social media in their private and personal lives.

Once again Linkedin promotes two-way communication where you can post a question that encourages comments or post an article on an important discovery or a key piece of information you know will have your circle of influence buzzing.  It could be a new job you are recruiting for, it could be a new book you have just written and want people to read, you could have just finished a project you want others to appreciate.

>The business use of social networking via LinkedIn is the ability to connect and communicate with others in the commercial world.  LinkedIn is a site to use for your professional advantage that will almost certainly benefit your personal life as well.

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