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Social Media

Social Media – What’s In It For Me?

Social media

Social Media are fantastic tools for engaging and socializing with your current customers and a way of attracting new potential customers.  Social Media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn
are large referral traffic generators that have the power to send visitors straight to your website.  

Remember not all traffic is created equal so the rule is your website still has to convert these visits into sales.    Mastering content that is highly engaging both in larger blogs or small “tweets” is all about sharing news, stories, successes, achievements, rewards, goals and even anniversaries.

What is the one thing we feel compelled to comment on in our personal Facebook profiles – birthdays! We are programmed to wish people the best, to congratulate them on an achievement and share “their life” with them.

Pinterest is the new kid on the block and so far has enjoyed massive success.  The rumour on the street is that it is now outdoing Facebook as far as a traffic referral generator.  This is remarkable considering how huge Facebook is but there are a few tips to remember.  

Never Stop Getting To Know Your Market

What sort of markets or businesses does Pinterest suit the best or Facebook for that matter?  Once you have a firm grip on the audience you are pitching your social media campaign to then you will discover the best social media platform or platforms that can deliver positive results.  

Think of how incredibly well real estate, photographers, restaurant owners can do with some stunning images on Pinterest!

Social media is about two-way communication.  You post a comment or image and you invite feedback.   Ask any traditional marketer how they would have dreamt about wanting to engage with their customers in this way, the information you can gather for your database is incredible.  

Discover An Infinite Amount of Information

The global Social Media networking system has the capacity to help us discover an infinite amount of information related to our market.  And as the word Google derives from this concept of the infinite then we are always excited and inspired by the “what next” in the communication world we are so lucky to live in.  Take full advantage of what is on offer and you should be amazed by the results.

At BDA Communications we can assist you and manage your Social Media marketing campaign.  We can create a strategy with these large referral traffic generating machines like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn to engage directly with your market.  Use our specialists to show you how the experts do it.