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Web Design and Development

Web Design

With the right balance between design, photography and animation or video, we can turn an ordinary website into an extraordinary one. Let's discuss what your website needs to visually support your products or services. It could be stunning photograph of a product. Maybe an entertaining video of your business. BDA can bring it all together in a seamless, cost effective way.

About six years ago we were looking around for a system that was easy for clients to use, would grow with their needs and keep up with the fast changing world of website development - we found the Adobe Business Catalyst platform, and we have never looked back.

We can design a site that reflects your branding and personality or, if cost is an issue, use one of the templates that are part of the Business Catalyst system and customise it to fit your brand.

With the rapid growth of the use of mobile phones and searching via these devices we now create a website for them, still drawing the information from the website but displaying only what is essential to their needs.

Below is Scarlett & Greene Cosmetic's new website. It is a fluid site, and by being such will adapt to 95% of mobile devices, whether that be, laptop, iPad or iPhone. Have a look at the site 

Below to the left, is the mobile site for www.nationalministorage.co.nz with desktop version on the right.

It is now an absolute necessity to have both.